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bloodmobile n : a motor vehicle equipped to collect blood donations

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From blood and -mobile.


  1. A vehicle outfitted to collect blood from donors.

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A bloodmobile is a mobile blood donation center. It is a vehicle (usually a bus) equipped with everything necessary for a blood donation procedure. Blood drives involving bloodmobiles usually happen in public places such as colleges and churches. Bloodmobiles make blood donation more convenient for donors.

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Rh factor, Rh-negative, Rh-positive, Rh-type, Rhesus factor, antibody, antigen, arterial blood, arterial transfusion, blood, blood bank, blood cell, blood count, blood donor, blood donor center, blood group, blood grouping, blood picture, blood platelet, blood pressure, blood serum, blood substitute, blood transfusion, bloodstream, circulation, clinical dextran, dextran, direct transfusion, drip transfusion, erythrocyte, exchange transfusion, exsanguination transfusion, exsanguino transfusion, globulin, gore, grume, hematics, hematologist, hematology, hematoscope, hematoscopy, hemocyte, hemoglobin, hemometer, humor, ichor, isoantibody, leukocyte, lifeblood, neutrophil, opsonin, perfusion, phagocyte, plasma, plasma substitute, plasma transfusion, reciprocal transfusion, red corpuscle, replacement transfusion, serum, serum transfusion, transfusion, type O, venous blood, venous transfusion, white corpuscle
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